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Express Your Fervid Through a Customised SOP for Computer Science

Computer Science degrees hold a significant value in the field of academic pursuits. A guarantee of a promising future and best-in-class proficiency in a recognized university attracts a lot of students abroad. A statement of purpose is necessary to guarantee your admission to foreign universities in the field of Computer Science.

What is an SOP for Computer Science?

An SOP is a dedicated personal statement written by the applicant justifying their reason for choosing a particular country to pursue a computer science course in a particular university. Most of the students applied to computer science at the Undergraduate and Post-graduate levels. 

What is the importance of an SOP?

The SOP is an important document crafted formally for your application to a foreign university.

  1. It addresses your intent for choosing a particular university and country for pursuing computer science.
  2. It also showcases your achievements, skills and passion for the particular academic discipline.
  3. It demonstrates the candidate’s proficiency in communication and how well they know about themselves.

An SOP is a make-or-break point for your admission to a foreign country, it also helps in assuring the admission committee in deciding you as a viable candidate for their university. That is why a structured SOP is important, where students can present their Long-term and short-term goals to guarantee a promising future in the field of computer science.  

How to write SOP for MS in Computer Science?

An SOP has to be short and structured and must abide by the guidelines set forth by the university. It should not be long enough to the point it becomes stagnant but should carry all the requisite details about you and your intent for choosing a particular university. Here is a sample format for your SOP for an MS in Computer Science

  1. Begin your SOP by introducing yourself. Here you can add a catchy phrase that is linked to your life story to grab the reader’s attention.
  2. In the next paragraph, give details about your academic pursuits. This paragraph should carry out why you choose a particular stream in your HSC and a particular course for your graduation. 
  3. In this paragraph, you can also mention your certifications in your academic and professional realm, which motivated you to pursue Computer Science.
  4. In the next paragraph, you can add the details of your extra-curricular activities, where you can mention how these activities helped in your holistic growth.
  5. In the next paragraph, You can mention your professional journey. Here You can talk about the roles and responsibilities you were handling and how they helped you in the field of Computer Science. 
  6. The next paragraph will consist of your reason for choosing a particular country, where you can mention the cultural and social values of the country. You can also mention what attracts you the most towards this country. 
  7. In the next paragraph, you can mention the details of the university which makes it a favourable destination for pursuing your higher studies. Here, Highlight the important areas like curriculum, faculty, infrastructure and diversification which will help you in the holistic development during the academic journey.
  8. The next paragraph is dedicated to why you want to choose computer science as a subject for higher studies and how this course will help you in your professional life.
  9. The next paragraph will consist of your future goals where you should mention your long-term and short-term goals, including your personal reasons. 
  10. In the end, thanked the authorities for their valuable time to read your SOP and assure the admission authorities that you will abide by the rules and regulations set up by the university.  

Do’s while writing an SOP for a Master in computer science

Make congruency 

This is the make-or-break aspect. It gives admission authorities a better idea of why you are choosing a particular course in a particular country. If you are able to make congruency in your academic and professional pursuits, you are one step closer to your selection.

Strong motivation

If your motivation is strong enough to join a particular course in a particular country. The authorities will get a better idea and might lead you closer to the decision-making table. 


This is one of the most underrated things people ignore while writing an SOP. The more honest and truthful you are in your SOP the more there will be chances of your SOP getting selected. The committee will be able to get an idea just by reading your SOP.

Mention long-term and short-term

This part gives the admission committee a strong reason to allow you to admit to a particular university. It also gives the committee an idea that you are a serious candidate and will do justice to a degree.

Justify your reason with illustrations

If your reason to join a particular university is not supported by genuine examples, it will give the admission committee the idea that you vaguely choose the university, which is a direct rejection.

Don’ts while writing an SOP for a Master in Computer Science

Copy from selected ones

If you copy from the selected SOP there are high chances of your rejection because it might be the possibility, that the reasons they provide in their SOP are congruent to their life stories and the purpose they mention.


If your SOP is written in a Cluttered manner the selectors will not be able to get the idea of your motivation to join their university, and hence, there is a high chance that they will reject you.

Grammar mistakes

This is a direct rejection of your SOP. Grammar Mistakes give them the idea that their communication skills are not good enough to survive in a foreign country.

Not having clear future plans

If you have not planned anything for the future, then what will you do with the degree you are getting? This gives the committee the idea that you are not serious about your own future, then how you will be serious about the academic instructions they will provide there.

Not having a strong motivation

If you are coming to a foreign country for a particular degree in a particular university. So there must be a strong motivation to leave your home country and if you are not able to provide it, the respective committee will not select you.

SOP for MS in Computer Science With Work Experience

If you are a working professional, who wants to pursue higher education in the field of Computer science at a foreign university, here are some of the reasons you can add to your SOP:

  • You can add the job role you were assigned to and what responsibilities you were carrying.
  • How many years you were there along with the skills you gain during your timeline?
  • Elaborate on how the pre-requisite skills help you to get the job role of your choice.
  • Name the projects you were part of and what you learn there along with the value you put in there.

SOP for MS in Computer Science Without Work Experience

If you are fresher who is looking to boost up your academic pursuits by opting for a specialised course in Computer science. Here is what you can add to your SOP:

  • You can add the certifications you were a part of during your academic pursuits in college and school.
  • Give details of the projects you were a part of during school and college, and also mention the extracurricular activities you were part of.
  • Mention your aim and achievements of the projects and the skills you gain and how these projects helped you in achieving your academic goals.
  • Make a strong reason by giving examples of projects and workshops that motivated you to join Computer Science as a higher degree course. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the word limit for an SOP for MS in Computer Science?

The word limit is given by the respective university and make sure to follow the guidelines provided by the universities.

2. If we don’t have work experience will it be a direct rejection?

No, even if you have zero work experience it is not a rejection. You can mention your extracurricular activities, projects, workshops, and certifications that you were a part of during your academic pursuits.

3. How one should conclude an SOP?

In conclusion, you should mention your career goals in short-term and long-term formats to ensure the committee that you are a potential candidate for their institution.

Sample SOP for MS in Computer Science

Sample SOP for MS in Computer Science


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