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A formal document, written by a student to convince the admission committee to explain your stance on why you deserve a scholarship. It is different from the general SOP as it fulfills a different purpose. It must check your top 3 questions which are:

  • Why do you deserve a scholarship?
  • What makes you a deserving candidate over other applicants?
  • How will you utilize it?

SOP for Scholarship is different from the general SOP, as it demonstrates your eligibility for financial assistance to pursue higher education in a recognized university, whereas the General SOP simply states your choice for a particular university, course, and country. 

What is Scholarship SOP?

A Scholarship SOP is a formal document explaining the applicant’s financial need to pursue a specific program at a specific university. It is a great opportunity for a student to propose his academic capabilities and express his future aspirations which will be achieved by the scholarship assistance. SOP showcases your passion, grit determination, and commitment toward achieving your future prospects. 

Difference between a General SOP and Scholarship SOP?

  Scholarship SOP General SOP
Definition Scholarship SOP is a formal document that highlights the applicant’s need for financial assistance. General SOP is a formal document explaining the applicant’s qualifications and reason for choosing a particular university, course, and country.
Purpose It is purposefully written to convince the scholarship committee to grant you the scholarship assistance by which you can pursue your higher studies.  It is written as a part of the process for admission to a particular university for a particular course.
Types The Scholarship SOP has several types after fulfilling the eligibility criteria, an applicant writes to request a specific scholarship. There are no specific types of General SOP. It is written purely on the intent of applicants.
Focus area It focuses on the reason for the applicant’s need and whether they are a deserving candidate for a scholarship. It focuses on the student’s qualifications, skills, achievements, and future aspirations, satisfying the reason for choosing a particular program in a particular university. 

How to Write SOP for a Scholarship?

The SOP for Scholarship covers everything but here the approach is to convince the authorities to grant you the scholarship. Here are the important tips, which you have to follow while writing your SOP:

  1. Start your SOP with an appealing statement to catch the reader’s attention briefly explaining your passion for a particular course, university, and your future goals.
  2. This paragraph should contain your academic history, and try to focus on your achievements and learning. This paragraph should justify the question of how your academic history is relevant to your current academic choice.
  3. You should continue by telling your reason for choosing a particular university for academic instruction, and how the university will foster your growth.
  4. State your future goals and plans, and how you will contribute to society after obtaining the knowledge and skills from the university. 
  5. In all these paragraphs, make sure to state the reasons why the scholarship will help you to achieve your future goals.
  6. In the end, you should conclude the essay by thanking the authorities and stating a positive statement that assures the authorities to think about you as a deserving candidate.

Do’s while writing SOP for Scholarship

As the Scholarship SOP is an official document so it must be structured in a respective format to push your chances of getting shortlisted for the scholarship. Here are some of the points to keep in mind while writing an SOP for a Scholarship.

Read the instructions

Every University provides a specific set of guidelines for a particular scholarship SOP. Following the guidelines will increases your chances of getting shortlisted.

Write your story

An SOP is not just a formal document but your statement. So make sure to customize it to your personality and be creative with it. 

Appealing Introduction

The first line of your SOP must be catchy and should be able to hook the attention of readers. In the same introduction, you must put forward your intent clearly.

Provide sufficient illustrations

Do not write in a generic way. Provide enough examples for your choice of a particular university and course.

Write without mistakes 

This is the most important of your SOP, a small mistake in your SOP can pull you back from the race of shortlisting. 

Give it a structure

A structured SOP is pleasing to read and leads the readers to the end. Writing an SOP in a cluttered way increases your chances of rejection.

Don’ts while writing SOP for Scholarship

Writing SOP is not a cakewalk, a writer should be very cautious while writing. He must structure the whole SOP in a readable manner to allow the reader to follow him throughout the document.

Do not try to Sympathize

You should not emphasize the fact that you are in need of money. The scholarship is financial aid that will be given to a deserving student, so, prove your legitimacy.

Don’t write generic statements

The SOP is a personal document so it should carry your personal touch in the information you are providing.

Not following the credible structure

This is one of the significant reasons for scholarship rejection. Structured SOP pleased the eyes of the reader and made him understand your request.

Delay in submitting your request

Submitting a scholarship request early increases your chances of getting shortlisted.

Types of Scholarships that Require SOP

Before writing an SOP for the scholarship, every university provides an eligibility form where students can check their eligibility for the respective scholarship. Here are some of the types of scholarships provided by universities:

  1. Merit-based scholarship: This type of scholarship is awarded to those who have an impeccable record of academic achievements which set them apart.
  2. Athletic scholarship: This scholarship is given to students who have performed excellently in their previous sporting activities.
  3. Community service scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to those who volunteer in community service. Their desire to help the community eventually becomes worldwide well-being.
  4. Minority Scholarship: This scholarship is given to a minority section of society. The minority section may range from ethnic, and cultural to religious. 
  5. Creativity Scholarship: This scholarship is given to students who have excellent creative capabilities other than academic and extracurricular, be they painters, dancers, or musicians.
  6. Need-based scholarship: In this scholarship, the student gets financial assistance as per the student's need.
  7. Privately-funded scholarship: In this scholarship, any No-profitable organization, agency, or foundation funds the student’s financial needs.
  8. Government-funded scholarship: In this scholarship, the student’s financial needs are fulfilled by the government.
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Our writers at SOP Helpers are proficient in writing a professional SOP for the scholarship. Along with the scholarship our services include the following:

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Our writers are proficient in producing a professional-looking SOP, which will increase your chance of being shortlisted among others.

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Though we have written thousands of SOPs, none of them will be the same in any case because we follow the details given by you so that It maintains that personal touch and look authentic and personal.

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Sample SOP for Scholarship

Here we are providing you with samples of accepted SOPs. Look at them and judge by yourself.

Frequently Asked Question

Is an SOP of more than 1000 words would be acceptable?

Scholarship SOP should be short and crisp and covers all your detail in a short paragraph. So if you write it too long, it would look compulsive.

How can I stand out in my SOP for a scholarship?

The SOP scholarship is a personal statement so if you want to stand out in your SOP, Try to include your personal reasons to bring the element of personal touch, boosting your chances of getting shortlisted. 

What qualities make a good SOP for Scholarship?

Your intent should be honest while writing an SOP for Scholarship. It must also reflect your passion, determination, and confidence in choosing a university to pursue a particular course.

Do I need to put my name in SOP for a scholarship?

Unless specified by the university there is no need to mention your name in the scholarship SOP.

Do I need to discuss my problems in the scholarship SOP?

SOP is a personal statement so if you are in genuine need of financial assistance, then only discuss it otherwise mention why you deserve a scholarship.



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